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How to Stay HR Compliant When Converting to Remote Work

Amazon Engineer sues for unpaid expenses from work from home during the pandemic on behalf of himself and thousands of workers in multiple California Amazon locations. This means it will be very expensive, and this Amazon engineer alleges it will be over $5 Million.

In our current landscape, employees continue to push for 100% remote or at least hybrid work. My clients are seeing a huge difference between candidate interest and candidate starts if the role is remote or on-site. Airbnb is pushing for the ability to work anywhere for everyone, and they set the standard for their employees. Yelp has announced closing office locations due to underutilization of hybrid work and moving to remote first.

But how do you get from 100% on-site to remote, without ending up with a class action lawsuit and PAGA claims that can cost you $$$$?

There are many questions and issues that you have to face, and the wrong move can lead to a very expensive lawsuit. It is so important to make sure your process and policies are up to date and compliant, and even better, to integrate this in your Employee Handbook.

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COVID-19 Flowchart

As you know, we have been continuing to struggle with the impacts of COVID-19, which impacts our families, employees, and businesses. We all hoped that 2022 would bring us less anxiety over COVID-19, but positivity rates have drastically risen. For Los Angeles County, daily test positivity rate (7-day average) was 22.5% reported on 1/3/2022 compared to 1.5% on 12/14/2021 (data from Los Angeles County Public Health daily e-mail). California also reported dramatic increases. 

How does this affect you? 

More and more clients are asking me about updated COVID-19 protocols, as this continually changes and employees are coming back to work from the holidays. I’m sharing a free Flowchart on “COVID-19 Procedure for Returning Employees to Work" in the Facebook Group which was just updated to include the new quarantine and isolation guidance/orders from the CDC and the California Department of Public Health. This is normally a paid asset that I customize and create for clients. However, to support small businesses and non-profits, you can download the flowchart for free in the Facebook Group, California HR Compliance Collective. This will aid your decisions when facing a potential COVID-19 case or exposure. This ready made tool can help you identify what procedures you need to follow to keep your business safe and compliant. 

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